Pracowniczy Ośrodek Maszynowy w Augustowie Ltd.   

The mounted heavy tine harrows U 224 and U 224/1 (with string roller)

Brona zębowa zawieszana 7-polowa U 224, U 224/1 (z wałem strunowym)

Tooth harrows are used for levelling the surface after ploughing, breaking and crumbling the lumps of earth, destroying weeds, the couch grass runners and other field works.

TypeU 224U 224/1
Working width7 m
Working depthmax 150mm
Weight of harrow with sections920 kg1310 kg
Amount of sections7 pcs.
Amount of tines in section20 pcs.
Type of tinesPH 20
Type of roller-string
Roller diameter-320 mm
Aggregated tractor`s powermin. 74 kWmin. 95 kW

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