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The fertilizer spreader ZEUS**

Rozsiewacz nawozów APOLLO

The fertilizer spreader ZEUS The fertilizer spreader is designed for surface spreading of the mineral fertilizers on farm fields and meadows. It may be also applied at the stage of late fertilizers` spreading.

The spreader works when mounted on three-point linkage of a tractor:

Technical specifications:ZEUS
Hopper capacity (litre)1600/2200/3000
Working width (m)18/21/24
Quantity of supplied fertilizer (kg/min)from 0,3 to 400
P.T.O. rotations540
Spreading discs rotations685 rpm with P.T.O. 540 rpm
Maximum load (kg)3600

** the manufacturer of the spreader is Autotrasporti Cavallo Giordano & Vallauri s.p.a., Via Cuneo 161 - 12012 Italy, while POM Augustów Sp. z.o.o. is an authorised dealer and service center throughout Poland.

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